Divorce Lawyers in Westchester NY

With more than 27 years of experience in family law matters, Heidi helps New York and Connecticut residents resolve their family law, divorce, domestic violence and property law issues. Her family law services and experience range from uncontested and amicable divorces and legal separations – which can often be settled through negotiations, mediation, collaborative law and other alternative dispute resolutions – to complex, high-net worth and highly disputed matters. She has litigated dozens of cases in court and is skilled both in facilitating agreements between separating spouses and fighting for her clients’ maintenance, alimony, child support, custody, visitation and property rights in court.

Heidi represents clients in the full spectrum of family law needs, starting with prenuptial agreements prior to the marriage and postnuptial and separation agreements, extending into the myriad of issues surrounding a divorce, including alimony and spousal support, child custody and child support, parental alienation, and custody and visitation schedules and rights. She also assists with post-divorce modifications, such as alimony and child support and post-judgment enforcement and contempt issues, when circumstances warrant. Additionally, she serves as an advocate for clients when they confront issues related to domestic violence, including assaults, and spousal abuse and helps handle matters with child protective services.

In connection with marital property divisions and support in divorce matters, she works closely with skilled forensic accountants, actuaries and appraisers. She assists in the determination of enhanced earnings and analyses involving 401(k) accounts, IRAs, deferred compensation, retirement and pension plans, stock units, stock options, restricted stock, stock rights, investment accounts (QDROs), hedge funds, license valuations (in New York), residential/commercial real property appraisals, royalties and the division of separate and marital property and its appreciation. Her work in this area is extensive and involves forensic asset identification, including investigations and discovery aimed at family business owners and the valuation and division of assets and values of business ownership and professional practices in divorce.

She is skilled with the effects of bankruptcy on divorce regarding the dischargeability of support and assets, as well as tax consequences affecting support and the distribution of assets and property during a divorce. She advises on UGMA/UTMA accounts, 529 plans and custodial accounts that may be utilized for college and post-majority support for children.

Heidi also handles matters involving grandparents’ rights, civil unions, same sex marriages, domestic partnerships, parenting plans, frequently utilizing parent coordinators, and psychological expert evaluators to address high conflict parenting cases. She also advises clients with issues involving medical, life, and health-care plans, social security benefits and the sensitive issues of dating during a divorce.

Prior to joining McCarter & English, Heidi was a Partner in a National Law Firm and was principal to a New York City, Westchester County and Connecticut based family and matrimonial practice. Heidi’s prior experience also includes serving as Guardian Ad Litem and Special Attorney in the Supreme Court of Westchester County. Additionally, she was a legislative liaison for Governor William O’Neil in the State of Connecticut and Office of Policy and Management, a legislative intern for United States Congressman William R. Cotter and a legal intern for the Honorable Chief Justice J. Chesoni and Magistrate Effy O’Wor of the Supreme Court of Nairobi, Kenya.